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                          Quality rebars made to international standards


Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mill is the prime steel rolling mill in the Sultanate of Oman producing 300,000 MT of  high strength steel reinforcement bars.



The Sultante of Oman, the second largest country in Arabia occupies the south eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. To the North, it borders the Strait of Hormuz, and to the East the coastline stretches along the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea to the Yemeni border in Southwest. In the West, Oman borders Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in Northwest.



Oman has a deep and rich culture that extends back for thousands of years, embracing such popular legends as the stories of Sinbad the sailor (He is believed to hail from Sohar). Oman's history goes back to the time early civilization in the region known as the Fertile Crescent.

Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mills LLC