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Sohar Steel manufacturing units have quality standards certified by CARES. The manufacturing units are also ISO 9001:2015 QMS, ISO 14001:2015 EMS, OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

CARES is an independent, not-for-profit certification body, established in 1983 to provide confidence to the users, purchasers and specifiers of constructional steels through a regime of regulation, testing and inspection. CARES certifications are considered to be of foremost recognition for quality in the reinforcement steel manufacturing industry. CARES certification entitles Sharq Sohar to use CARES marks on its BS 4449 2005 Grade B500B Bar of 8mm to 32mm and BS 4449 1997 Grade 460 Bar of 8mm to 32mm.

Each manufacturing unit also has its own fully equipped testing lab to carryout chemical and tensile analysis of steel at different stages of production to ensure quality. Sohar Steel SMS is equipped with modernized Wet Lab facilities and most modern type Spectrometer through which strict quality control measures are practiced to achieve the specified product quality standards.

Sohar Steel believes in the protection of the environment and conservation of nature and consider it as one of the prime responsibility. Best Available Dust collection technology is adopted to limit the emission within the international standards. Continuous efforts are on to keep the plant green, clean and environmental friendly.

Sohar Steel follows principles of sustainability, namely, inclusivity, integrity, stewardship and transperancy, as per the guidlines of UK-CARES. Sustainability policies of Sohar Steel can be downloded from the links below:

Scrap Melt Shop is equipped with modernized Wet Lab facilities and most modern type Spectrometer through which strict quality control measures are practiced to achieve the specified product quality standards. Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mills (SSSRM) is also equipped with spectrometer to test the chemical properties of steel at different stages of manufacturing.The different chemical composition of SSSRM rebars are listed in table below:


Chemical composition listed are in %(max). Carbon value is permitted to allow maximum by 0.03%, provided the CE (Carbon Equivalent) is decreased by 0.02%. Higher Nitrogen contents are permitted if sufficient Nitrogen binding elements are present.

Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mills (SSSRM) is equipped with a industry standard quality lab that is capable of testing both the mechanical and chemical properties of rebars at regular intervals.At SSSRM, samples are taken every 15 minutes for checking cross section, visual defects and sectional weight.Samples are also taken for every 30 tons (40 minutes) for testing the mechanical properties like Yield Strength, Tensile strength, Elongation and Bend / Re-bend test.Tensile Properties of SSSRM rebars as per three different manufacturing standards are listed below:

As per BS:4449-2005(B500B):

  • Y.S. = 500N/mm2 (min)
  • Y.S./Y.S.Ratio = 1.08(min)
  • % Elongation = 14 (min)
  • Total Elongation = 5%(min)
  • Rebend <= 16mm = 4(d)
  • Rebend > 16mm = 7(d)

As per ASTM A-615 Gr.60:

  • Y.S. = 420N/mm2 (min)
  • T.S. = 620N/mm2 (min)
  • % Elongation = 9 (8-20mm)
  • % Elongation = 8 (25mm)
  • % Elongation = 7 (32mm)
  • Bend 16mm= 2(d)
  • Bend >16mm25mm = 5()
  • Bend >32mm = 7(d)

As per SASO-SSA/1992:

  • Y.S. = 460N/mm2 (min)
  • T.S. = 506N/mm2 (min)
  • % Elongation = 12 (min)
  • Bend = 3(d)
  • Rebend = 5(d)
  • [where 'd' = bar diameter]

Quality Labs equipped with state of the art testing equipments are located at each manufacturing facility of Sohar Steel. Some of the equipments available in our different Quality Labs are listed belowThe Computer controlled Tensile testing machine (Zwick , Germany) . The software “ Zwick TestXpert ” provides all the mechanical properties including Engineering stress-strain curve on the PC monitor. OSCAM bending machine.This machine, consisting of an in-built electronic programmer, is used for bending and rebending of the bar for bend test. Angles from 0 degree to 180 degree for bending and rebending are set through an electronic program.


Spectro Lab


Chemical Lab


Tensile (UTM)


Tensile (Rebend)

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